Vote by Mail

Did you know Ramsey County is a Vote by Mail county?

What is Vote by Mail?

Vote by mail is part of the voting process where ballots are cast as ‘absentee’.  This means ballots are voted on at home and either mail back or hand delivered to the county auditor’s office.  Ballots are available 40 days before election and can be returned any time but no later than the day before election or post marked the day before election.

How Vote by Mail Works


  1. A pre-filled application is mailed to all active voters living within Ramsey County.
  2. Once the voter receives the application, it should be reviewed to make sure all information is correct – select the election you are wanting to vote in (June, November or all statewide) – provided a daytime phone number - check which type of id (driver’s license, etc.) - sign and date.  Return to the Auditor’s office using the envelope provided.
  3. Once the Auditor’s office receives the application & verifies that all information is filled in correctly – a ballot will be mailed.
  4. The voter will then vote on the ballot at their convenience and return the voted ballot to the County Auditor’s office either through the mail or in person anytime before Election Day.
  5. When the ballot is returned to the Auditor’s office, they match the signature on the ballot envelope with the signature on the application and it is filed for counting on Election Day.
  6. On Election Day, the vote by mail board counts the returned absentee ballots.  Ballots are in secrecy envelopes inside the return envelopes, so never do those opening the envelopes with the voter’s name on it see the voted ballot itself.
  7. For those who chose not to vote by mail or who did not return their absentee ballot before Election Day may vote at the Ramsey County Memorial Building.
  8. The Ramsey County Memorial Building, 524 4th Ave NE, Devils Lake, ND is the only voting location on Election Day with voting hours from 8:00 A.M. TO 7:00 P.M.

Vote by Mail Application