Ramsey County #10 Drain

Ramsey County & Cavalier County Water Resource Boards hosted an informational meeting for the public on Ramsey County Drain #10, formerly proposed Edmore Coulee, on Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 at 10 AM at the Armory (Memorial Building) in Devils Lake, ND.

Watch the meeting at Ramsey Drain #10 Informational Meeting 4/26/2023 - YouTube 

Ramsey County Drain #10 Map Link 

Ramsey County Drain 10 Cleanout

Project Reach: Approximately 121 miles based on 2019 water elevations.

Engineering Estimate

By: FLS&E      April 20, 2023


Mobilization and Bidders Bond1LS$50,000$50,000

Excavation [Haul Out]

Main Drain 10205,500cu. yds.$7.00$1,438,500

Lateral #15,000cu. yds.$7.00$35,000
Excavation averages 

Lateral #217,107cu. yds.$7.00$119,749
$20,000 per mile.

Lateral #333,792cu. yds.$7.00$236,544

Lateral #414,731cu. yds.$7.00$103,117

Sub-Total Excavation276,130cu. yds.$7.00$1,932,910

Spraying 20' Width

Main Drain 10300ac.$100$30,000

Lateral #17ac.$100$700

Lateral #216ac.$100$1,600

Lateral #331ac.$100$3,100

Lateral #414ac.$100$1,400

Sub-Total Spraying368ac.$100$36,800

Land Rent to Spread Spoils500ac.$100$50,000

Sediment Verification96mi.$1,600$153,600

Construction Total




Total Construction






Total Estimated Cost of Project


Estimated cost of project $2.75M to $3.25 M.

Vote Amount$3,100,000